To be a globally recognize company, for which we are very desperately following our slogan line “ALLIT SOLUTIONS UNDER ONE ROOF…”, A derivative of our company name, UNI IT Solutions

Values & Ethics We work on simple values & ethics on which the world running i.e. Honesty, Worthiness, Respect, Truthful & majorly Professionalism.


The Advantages As we learnt from our 1st yawing, to be the customer oriented, My helping hand`s (colleagues) working so hard to deliver the happiness with the software products to our clients by defined model.

Customer centric with 0+ Model We work on our own defined 0+, proactive customer centric model.

It`s a huge word, if anybody can understand the real meaning to be a proactive or 0+. Our team always follows this model very scenically.

We always work as a 0+ and try to find out real pain areas, instead of working goalless, and you know it, once you find out the pain area, healing therapy will become faster than fast.

Our Team always loves to do the homework before going to meet any customer, so that we can easily know the pain areas and bond with you accordingly and provide a solution by the help of that you think as this pain was really never exists.

We always love to create a never ending bond on which the clients can rely & trust, so that they can ask any technology & work related questions by 24*7.

In a very short span of time we worked for almost every industry & delivered our best service.

Industries in which we worked for:

  • Health & Hospital Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Travel & Transportation Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Media Industry
  • Government
  • Financial Services
  • Engineering & Technology Industry

It means we do have a wide knowledge about your working process & able to solve problems on super quick basis.

Technology Everywhere Model In this technology era there are no distances matters, we can communicate just like we are physically available. As a customer oriented company we work on all category technologies such as Windows, Web & Mobiles also.

We are having a matured Technology oriented team, by which you can talk any time for your solutions. This team is fully dedicated for clients & helps them out to achieve their targets to overcome the risk.

We always major the risk factors in any work & allow the full interference of customer`s to work accordingly.