UNI IT Solutions having dedicated team of experts for mobile application testing.

Mobile Application testing is also similar important as development of mobile app. There are two different kind of application testing in which UNI IT Solutions offering their expertise, which are:

  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing

Functional testing: UNI IT Solution’s team have dedicated team for functional testing, which understand the product/App codes & perform all function testing on manual basis. Our team perform reverse engineering to check any kind of loop hole in your Application.

Security Testing: This is one of the most important testing for all kind of transactional or financial apps. Company need to be always making sure that whatever product they are launching related to any financial activities i.e. banking apps, m-commerce apps, must be fully secure & there are no loop holes in that, so that no one can threat the user’s information.

We are also perform manual testing for this kind of security testing in which our dedicated security team create programs & perform attacks on server side to check the vulnerability & penetration.

This is one of the continuous testing which will perform till all the issue(s) not get resolved.

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